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Features from Microsoft’s UN Affairs Office

Building on Microsoft’s history of partnership with the UN and its commitment to multilateralism, the company established a United Nations representation office in New York in March 2020. This team aims to deepen Microsoft’s support for the UN’s mission and work, including by advancing global multistakeholder action on key technology, environmental, humanitarian, development, and security goals.

Why Does Microsoft Have an Office at the UN? A Q&A with the Company's UN Lead

Read more about Microsoft's new UN Affairs office in New York City. The team hopes to deepen work with the United Nations, identify new projects to advance global multistakeholder action, and help drive forward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Interconnected World Requires Collective Action

John Frank, Vice President of Microsoft's new representation office to the UN, explains why Microsoft is expanding its presence in New York and how it plans to engage with the UN going forward.

Digital Peace in Cyberspace: An Invisible Pillar for the UN SDGs (White Paper)

Read more about why digital peace in cyberspace is part of a holistic approach needed to protect the social structures and physical infrastructure linked to the UN's SDGs.

Microsoft and the SDGs (White Paper)

Read more about how Microsoft is contributing to addressing each of the SDGs - typically by exercising the power of digital technology.

Advancing Human Rights Through Technology: A Microsoft and United Nations Partnership

Advancing Human Right Video

Learn more about a landmark five-year partnership between OHCHR and Microsoft, focusing on the use of technology to better predict, analyze, and respond to critical human rights situations.

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